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the gay superhero alliance

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Group Chat: spoopy season 

Sunday, Oct. 20, 10:31 AM EST

Prudence: Okay movie night last night was SO MUCH FUN

Ciara: except the part where arc won’t stop quoting mean girls please help

Arc: I’m sorry that people are so jealous of me

Ciara: stop

Arc: Boo, you whore

Ciara: for the love of GOD

Jasper: Can we please do this again sometime that was the best

Phoebe: Yesss I had such a great time!

Phoebe: Thanks for hosting Henry!

Henry: not like i had a choice since jasper volunteered my house

Jasper: You’re welcome :PP

Group Chat: flaming birds

Monday, Oct. 21, 12:22 AM EST

Warwick: oKAY IDEA  


Warwick: Those movies are my new obsession


Arc: I call Han!

Ciara: i call leia!

Warwick: YES I get Luke

Prudence: YES OMG

Prudence: I LOVE THIS

Arc: We’re really about to be the superior squad huh

Ciara: as usual <3

Prudence: When are we not the superior squad??

Prudence: Broooo do you guys wanna get McDonalds
Warwick: Like rn?

Ciara: its past midnight on a school night

Prudence: Yeah and ?

Arc: YES omg

Arc: i just spent two hours trying to figure out my chem hw i need a happy meal stat

Ciara: ...fuck it i could rlly go for a cheap milkshake right now

Warwick: As long as u dont dip your fries in them like a weirdo im so in

Arc: Hey fries in milkshakes SLAP

Ciara: for once i agree with arc ur just wrong

Prudence: Okay you can debate this on the way there

Prudence: See you guys in 15 !!

Group Chat: spoopy season

Monday, Oct. 21, 11:09 PM EST

Jasper: Do you guys want to read the 8-page essay I wrote abt how Danny Phantom is a thinly-veiled metaphor for being trans instead of writing my lit paper

Prudence: Heck yes

Jasper: Link - Google Docs: Trans Icon Danny “Phantom” Fenton

Max: iconic

Max: send it to bitch hartman

Jasper: I don’t have his email :(

Max: one sec

Warwick: Okay but important question why do so many superhero origin stories read like coming out stories


Henry: its the ~having a whole other side of you that you have to keep a secret from your friends and family~

Sage: false it’s the raw unadulterated power that comes with being queer

Ciara: this is true

Arc: The S in LGBTQ+ stands for Superheroes

Charlotte: Well I mean, we are the Gay Superhero Alliance

Prudence: Wait important question is Captain Man gay

Henry: captain man is bisexual

Henry: but also homophobic

Warwick: ...How does that work?

Henry: honestly? i have no idea.

Max: i set up a program that will spam bitch hartman’s private email with the trans danny phantom essay every hour

Jasper: How did you…?

Max: don’t ask questions

Prudence: You’re a national hero. 

Group Chat: spoopy season

Tuesday, Oct. 22, 9:18 PM EST

Max: guess who just took home first place at the science fair :)

Charlotte: Sent an image .

Charlotte: WE WON!

Henry: N E R D S 

Henry: jkjkjk congratssss

Arc: YES i knew you guys would win!!


Phoebe: Okay normally I’d be upset because they beat me but the anti-gravity field generator is maybe the coolest thing ever! And I got to play with it so I’m good.

Sage: you guys built an anti gravity field generator for the school science fair

Max: *in two weeks

Sage: what henry said, but without the jk

Sage: as in NERDS

Max: so i guess that means you’re not interested in the laser guided rocket launcher i built entirely out of motorcycle parts?

Phoebe: I’m sorry the WHAT

Sage: ...go on

Ciara: congrats guys that’s so awesome!! it makes sense that no one is any match for your combined brainpower

Warwick: FR you two are like the smartest people ever

Charlotte: Aww you guys are way too sweet shsgskdjd

Max: idk i think they have a point i mean i can’t speak for you but personally i’m kind of a genius

Ciara: aaand you ruined it

Phoebe: Do you expect any less from him?

Max: what can i say, it’s a gift

Charlotte Page-Bolton ➜ Redemption Arc Incarnate

Tuesday, Oct. 22, 9:29 PM EST

Charlotte: Hey listen

Charlotte: I just wanted to say I actually had a really good time with you this week

Charlotte: It was nice to, for once, work with someone who actually cared about what I had to say and I appreciate that.

Max: you don’t have to thank me for not being a dick lmao that’s a pretty low bar you’re setting for yourself

Max: but i had fun with you too

Max: it was nice to have an intellectual partner who isn’t a talking rabbit 

Max: and dare i say it i think we made a pretty good team

Charlotte: Careful Thunderboy, your feelings are showing. 

Charlotte: But you’re right. We should definitely build stuff together more often.

Max: or y’know. not build stuff 

Charlotte: Oh?

Max: on a totally unrelated note are you going to the fall festival with anyone

Charlotte: Not currently.

Max: would you like to be?

Charlotte: I guess that would depend on who was asking me.

Max: i know a friend who might be interested in taking you

Max: he’s really cool, don’t worry

Max: hilarious, kind of a genius

Max: great hair

Max: cute smile

Max: i hear he’s got a dark side

Charlotte: I might just be willing to give that guy a shot. 

Charlotte: Tell your friend to pick me up at 7 on Friday.

Max: will do ;)

Max Thunderman ➜ The Brain Cell

Tuesday, Oct. 22, 9:40 PM EST

Max: (just to be totally clear, the friend is me)

Charlotte: *surprised pikachu.jpeg*

Group Chat: discount golden trio

Tuesday, Oct. 22, 9:43 PM

Charlotte: Guys,,, can we ft omg I’m so excited right now

Henry: ye

Jasper: Ooh spill

Facetime from Charlotte 9:44 PM EST
Facetime ended 10:28 PM EST

Charlotte Page-Bolton left the chat.

Jasper Dunlop ➜ Soulmate

Tuesday, Oct. 22, 10:33 PM EST

Jasper: Dude

Jasper: I think Charlotte’s really hurt

Henry: i didnt do anything

Jasper: Hen, you were kind of acting like a jerk 

Jasper: And I think you know it

Henry: wtf no i wasnt

Henry: and shes the one whos bailing on us

Jasper: We didn’t actually make plans to go together yknow

Henry: yeah but we always do this stuff together

Henry: it was,,, implied

Jasper: You know I love you but you sound like such an ass rn

Jasper: She seemed really excited about going with Max and I think you’re ruining it

Henry: im ruining it??? hes a total dick!

Jasper: You don’t actually think that

Henry: he sold me and ray out to a bunch of villains the first time we met!

Jasper: Yeah but he’s clearly changed and up until today you didn’t really care about that

Jasper: I think maybe you’re jealous

Henry: im not jealous jasper

Jasper: Okay whatever you are she’s upset 

Henry: so what do you want me to do about it

Jasper: Idk apologize??

Henry: for what exactly

Jasper: Being passive aggressive

Jasper: Acting like we’re entitled to her

Henry: she can date whoever she wants i dont care

Jasper: Sure you dont 

Jasper: Just tell her youre sorry!!

Henry: dude she’ll be over it in like a day okay just leave it

Jasper: I’m not just gonna leave it 

Jasper: I hate it when u guys fight 

Henry: no ones fighting !

Henry: its fine !!! 

Henry: give it a rest, jasper

Henry: i have to finish my hw

Piper Hart ➜ brother in law

Thursday, Oct. 23, 8:29 PM EST

Piper: okay so are you gonna tell me why my brother has been moping for the past few days

Piper: because he’s clearly upset but he refuses to talk to me

Jasper: Hes upset because Char’s mad at him

Piper: what did he do

Jasper: Well Char is going to the fall festival with this guy named Max in the grade above us

Piper: max like max thunderman

Piper: like the guy who keeps pulling pranks on principal bradford ?

Jasper: Yup that Max

Piper: damn that’s an unexpected pair

Piper: so he and char are like dating now? that explains why henry’s so upset

Piper: why is char mad

Jasper: Well idk if Id say theyre dating

Jasper: But well when Char told us Henry was kind of being a jerk

Jasper: He brought up all this stuff Max did when he was a super villain and sort of acted like Char was betraying us or smthn

Jasper: Idk he wasnt straight up mad just passive aggressive but Char was really excited about it and hes acting so jealous

Piper: ugh hen can be such an ass sometimes

Piper: i’ll try to talk to him

Piper: what about you?

Jasper: What about me

Piper: aren’t you jealous?

Jasper: Uhmm why would you say that 

Piper: dude i know you like her too don’t even try

Jasper: Okay fine! I mean im not thrilled that she’s not going with us

Jasper: Kind of felt like it would be me and Hen and Char forever but 

Jasper: Thats very stupidly naive

Jasper: And if shes happy w Max I’m not gonna ruin it for her

Jasper: Also I have plenty of experience with liking people who dont like me back so Im well trained

Piper: jasper,

Jasper: OoPS gotta go study for my history test!!!! Bye!!

Piper: dude wait 

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