Comment on OTW Members – Check Your Email for Voting Instructions

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    Hi sakura_lisel,

    Thanks for asking! If you made a donation of at least $10 (US) to the OTW between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020, please follow the numbered instructions in the post above to troubleshoot. If you follow all the steps and need more assistance, please use the contact form linked in step 5.

    We can't troubleshoot membership questions in comments because the membership database does not connect in any way to the AO3 user database. The OTW takes great pains to prevent any connection between legal names associated with donations and usernames associated with any of our projects.

    If you are referring to some other email aside from the voting instructions email described in this post (such as AO3 email notifications), please follow these instructions to contact Support.

    Best wishes,
    OTW Elections

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