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Unrelated Julie and the Phantoms fanfics.
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Phantom Gals: Alex, Luke and Reggie are three girls who died in a hotdog-related accident but what if they get split up on their way back to the realm of the living because three people played their CD at the same time? Julio was lonely after his father died but when he played a CD that he found in his loft in the garage, he met a girl named Luke who was everything she needed and they formed a band. Nikki was so done with her boyfriend treating people like trash so when a girl crashlands in her room after she plays a CD she found in her boyfriend’s house she is certainly in for a surprise. Kerry hates that he’s so mean to everyone until a girl named Alex, who is one of his mother’s former bandmates, gives him a reality check. (multichap)
Sunset Lightning: Alex gets taken in by a group of girls in his first year at a new school after meeting a boy over the summer. Willie just wants to see Alex again after having the best summer ever with him and finds his chance when Alex moves to his school, the problem is is that he’s an entirely different person around his friends. Will Alex learn to love the new Willie or will Willie change for the better? (oneshot)


Sooooooooo many upcoming fics cause I love Julie and the Phantoms more than certain relatives of mine and would much rather spend time typing on a computer than with them (sorry Pebble)


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