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The Valiant Knight and the Noble Prince

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Long ago, in the quiet kingdom of Swellville, there lived a wicked and powerful sorcerer. He ruled over the people with an iron fist, and he treated most of his subjects like slaves while he hoarded most of the kingdom’s resources and wealth for himself. Many brave souls tried to challenge his reign, but none lived to tell the tale.

After years of living in extreme squalor, one young, gallant couple decided enough was enough. They conspired with the people of Swellville to start an uprising. They convinced the people to join them, and they even got the neighboring kingdoms of Borderith and Astoria to assist them as well.

The morning of the revolution arrived, and the townspeople, along with brave knights from the adjacent kingdoms began to storm the castle. The battle raged on for several days and nights, with no end in sight. The army of rebels fought with vigor and valor, but it was not enough against the sorcerer’s immense power. Many of their lives were lost. Things were starting to seem hopeless, and what remained of the army was growing tired and wary.

Just when it looked like they had all but lost the war, a fearless and valiant knight stormed into the battle. He was able to survive every one of the sorcerer’s spells, even the ones that would’ve killed any mortal man. It was almost as if he was... invincible . The battle between the two raged on for what felt like days. Finally, the knight was able to defeat the sorcerer and the sorcerer was banished to the woods, never to return to Swellville again.

Swellville, now without a ruler, searched to find a suitable replacement. They wanted to appoint the valiant knight that had saved them, but before they could, he vanished. So, the couple that first proposed the uprising was appointed. The couple was kind, just, and fair; perfect candidates for Swellville’s new rulers. However, the kingdom was in ruin from the battle and the sorcerer’s long reign of terror. The couple worked tirelessly to return peace and balance to their kingdom, and their allies in the battle, the kingdom’s of Borderith and Astoria, became their closest partners and aided them in rebuilding the kingdom. Despite this, the job proved far too great for them to impose any real change in the short-term. Even in the present day, they are still working to restore what was once a great kingdom. Now, the couple’s eldest son, Henry, is about to turn seventeen and on his birthday, will be taking the crown. And thus, our story begins…