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Spiderman: Home is Where The Heart Is

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Spiderman: Home Is Where The Heart Is

Peter tiredly walked into Midtown High, knowing very well today was going to be a long day. He really didn’t want to be at school today, he didn’t even want to be awake in the first place.


Just a few days ago, Peter had met with Captain America for the first real conversation they’ve ever had. An important one about the future of the Avengers, their place in the world and what their lives were going to be like moving forward.


Peter liked Steve Rogers a lot and it was truly great to talk to someone who lived a life similar to the one he himself was living. Knowing he could talk to Captain America about the other side of his life, made him feel slightly less anxious about how complicated his superhero life was going to get.


And it didn’t even have anything to do with the Avengers. After their talk at Mr Delmar’s, Peter and Steve joined MJ, Morgan and Pepper in Central Park and enjoyed the rest of the weekend. Peter thought it was cute that Morgan called Captain America ‘Uncle Steve’ and he was happy to know Steve and Tony truly did get past their differences and Captain America would always look out for Tony’s family, just like Peter himself would.


He actually began to think, even with the upcoming election and all the uncertainties about the Avengers place in the world, that everything was going to turn out okay.


But upon returning to patrol on Sunday night, Peter began to feel like he jinxed himself. His patrols all week had been filled with non-stop action and Peter felt like the universe was out to show him that his future as a hero wasn’t going to be the way it’s been for months now.


At least not in a good way.


For the past four nights, Peter hadn’t finished a patrol before four in the morning. May had been angry and demanded he come straight home, instead of going to sleep at MJ’s apartment. May was worried that he hadn’t called or messaged her when he usually did at 1 am and Peter had to explain that his patrol was busy. The whole night was filled with muggings, burglaries and other petty crimes that Peter couldn’t stop before K.A.R.E.N told him another one was happening. 


That’s how it had been all week on his patrols and that’s how Peter ended up going home to sleep in his own bed, instead of at MJ’s apartment, snuggled up with her, calmed by the soft sound of her breathing.


May asked him to come home and stay in his own bed if his patrols were going to go later into the night. Peter wanted so badly to be with MJ every night after patrol but he couldn’t deny what his aunt asked if it gave her peace of mind. May accepted and dealt with so much because of his life as Spiderman. He would do whatever she asked if it made things easier for her.


Being without MJ is definitely not helping Peter sleep though. The few hours he managed to squeeze in every morning this week because of his late nights, have been unsettled and restless. His nightmares haven’t returned but he’s been unable to lay comfortably, without MJ beside him, his arms wrapped around her.


More than that, he missed her. He sees her at school and walks her home in an afternoon but he loved seeing her after his patrols, when they would hang out in her room, late at night. She would call him a nerd as he fixed his web-shooters.  He’d watch her read, they would kiss and make out on her bed and just enjoy being with each other..


It was simple and different but it was Peter’s favourite time of the day. MJ would call him so co-dependent if she knew just how much he was missing it after only a few days. 


Peter shook his head and tiredly rubbed his eyes. He couldn’t see her last night but he couldn’t wait to see her this morning, so walking through the halls of Midtown, he went straight to her locker.


She was there, her locker open and she was putting books back in, taking some out and placing them in her bag strapped over her shoulder. Her hair was pulled back and she was wearing the same white top she’d worn in Europe when she told him ‘Boh’ was her new superpower.


He walked up slowly behind her and gracefully slid his arms around her waist, making her jump in surprise but she relaxed back into him and he nuzzled her neck. He closed his eyes, breathing in her lavender scent.


“Dork.” MJ greeted him, simply and Peter hummed in reply. “How was last night?”


“Long and busy,” Peter whispered, not letting her go.


“I thought so,” MJ said, placing her hands over his, around her waist, “You were out late.”


“I know, I wish I could’ve come over. I missed you.”


“So co-dependent, Parker.” MJ laughed, sarcastically. ‘knew she was gonna say that.’ Peter thought, rolling his eyes.


“You can let me go now, so I can finish getting my books out of my locker.”


Peter groaned and shook his head on the side of her neck. 


MJ rolled her eyes, “I’d also like to be able to turn around and kiss you.”


Peter sighed and unhooked his hands from around her waist and she turned around and pulled him to her, kissing him softly. He kissed her back and instantly felt better than he had all morning.


MJ pulled away, smiling softly, “I missed you last night too, loser.” She turned around back to her locker.


“I’m sorry,” Peter paused, looking around them, making sure none of their fellow students were in earshot, “My nights have been later this week. I haven’t been able to catch a break out there.”


“You and your hero complex.” MJ said, rubbing her eyes, “You’re too selfless for your own good, you know.”


“Thanks.” Peter laughed, leaning on the locker next to hers, “Do you wanna come over to my place this afternoon? We can have dinner before I go out again?”


MJ looked at him and smiled, sadly, “I’d love to but I’ve got to go to the library after school and work on this English project with Brad. I want to get it over and done with.” 


Peter’s mind went completely blank at her words and he frowned. Brad?


“Wait, Brad?”


“Yes, Brad.” MJ repeated, rolling her eyes, “We got assigned as partners yesterday for this English project, on Shakespeare. He better not think I’m gonna do all the work for him.”


Peter shook his head, “You partnered with Brad?”


MJ raised her eyebrows at him, “No, I didn’t partner with him, we were assigned as partners, loser.”


Peter understood what MJ just told him but that didn’t stop the small feeling of anger and annoyance washing over him. Brad? Seriously?


“Why didn’t you tell me this?”


MJ closed her locker and looked straight at him, “Peter, you were in class yesterday, you heard Mrs Turner assign our partners. You’re working with Betty?”


Peter remembered talking with Betty yesterday afternoon about the English project they had to work on together. But honestly, he’d been tired all week and he didn’t hear MJ be assigned to work with Brad.


“Great,” He said, angrily, “Brad’s gonna love this.”


Peter knew, logically he was worrying over nothing but he couldn’t help it. Memories of his failed vacation to Europe came back to him, of Brad sitting next to MJ on the plane, taking her picture in Venice, saving her a seat at the opera. All these memories made him scared that MJ would wake up and realise she might be happier with Brad. He was taller, smart, popular and didn’t bring danger and chaos into her life. MJ always tells him she doesn’t care about any of that but Peter couldn’t help being scared. 


Being jealous.


MJ smirked at him, “Is someone jealous?”


“No,” Peter exclaimed, annoyed, looking away from her. 


“Peter, I can’t choose who I do this project with.”


“I know.” 


“So what’s the problem?”


“There isn’t a problem.” He insisted, impatiently, turning away from her and walking off, towards his own locker. He felt her beside him as he unlocked his locker.


“You’re cute when you’re jealous.”


Peter turned to her, she was leaning against the locker next to his, grinning smugly at him.


“I’m not jealous.” He repeated, biting his lip. He was and he hated it but Brad Davis had no respect for the fact that Peter and MJ were together and it pissed him off to no end. He was also tired and disappointed he wasn’t gonna get to spend time with MJ, which is the thing he’s looked forward to all morning.


MJ reached forward and grabbed his hand, intertwining their fingers. He looked back at her and she smiled softly.


“Come with me.” She said, suddenly, gesturing down the hall. Peter raised his eyebrows in surprise but shut his locker and threw his bag back over his shoulder. MJ led him down the hall toward an empty classroom and opened the door. He followed her in and she shut and locked the door.


MJ walked over to Peter and pushed him back till he was sitting on a desk. She placed her hands around his neck and stood between his legs.


“What’s wrong?” MJ asked, after a moment. Peter lowered his head, “Nothing’s wrong.”


“Yes, there is.” MJ rolled her eyes. How her boyfriend kept the fact that he was a superhero a secret, is beyond her because he is a terrible liar. “Don’t lie to me, loser. Something’s bothering you.”


Peter raised his head looking at his girlfriend, who was looking at him expectantly. He sighed, winding his arms around her waist to pull her closer and lean his forehead against hers.


“I’m tired,” He began, his eyes closed, “I’ve been out so much later than usual the last few nights, I haven’t had a moment to breathe out in the city and I just….” Peter paused, pulling back and smiling softly at his girlfriend, “I’ve just missed being with you the last few nights.”


MJ shook her head and smiles at her cute, dumb, tired boyfriend. She’d missed him too, in her bed, his arms wrapped around her, keeping her safe and warm. Her bed had felt cold and lonely without Peter under the covers with her.


“I’ve missed you too loser,” She leaned in and kissed him softly before pulling back, “and I’m tired too, I can’t sleep while you’re out there and going to sleep without you…. It sucks.” MJ deadpanned.


“Oh yeah?” Peter’s lips quirked up.


“Don’t be smug, dork.” She pulled him in close and kissed him passionately. Peter stood up, not breaking the kiss, his hands not leaving her waist. Their kiss started off slow but quickly grew more passionate, MJ running her hands through his hair holding him close. Peter ran his tongue along MJ’s bottom lip and she moaned, granting him access, rubbing her tongue against his.


Peter broke the kiss and lifted MJ up, turned around and sat her on the desk.


“You’re so beautiful….” He whispered, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear and kissing her again. 


“My sappy boy.” She replied, against his lips.


MJ reached down and pulled Peter’s hand away from her waist, breaking the kiss. Peter looked at her, confused but MJ looked back at him, eyes shining with want.


Slowly, MJ lifted his hand up and slipped his hand inside her shirt, not breaking eye contact. Peter’s eyes widened, “MJ…” He choked out, “What are yo….”


“Shhhh….” MJ whispered, sliding Peter’s hand under her bra, softly caressing her breast. She closed her eyes and hummed at the feeling of his hand on her.


Peter’s eyes were wide, filled with surprise and lust from what MJ was doing. Eventually, he went along with what she was doing and softly caressed her breast, loving the feeling of her soft skin against his hand.


MJ opened her eyes and smiled, lovingly at her boyfriend, enjoying his soft massage. “Feels nice.” She moaned, softly, her hand encouraging his.


Peter smiled, nervously and continued softly caressing her breast.


“Now you’re awake.” MJ laughed, loving how cute and surprised he was at what they were doing. Peter Parker, superhero and worlds biggest dork, was still a teenage boy.


“Wide awake,” Peter replied, his mind had completely short-circuited. MJ was the only thing on his mind right now, she was all he could feel.


“Mmmm….” MJ moaned, her hand still on his, encouraging his soft caress. She loved the feeling of his hands on her, she wanted them on her all the time.


“I want you, Pete.” MJ whispered, her voice full of desire, “I love you so much, I want this with you. I want all of you.” 


“I love you too.” Peter choked out, “And I want you too. All of you.”


MJ moaned, closing her eyes and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. She kissed him, softly and slowly, as he continued to caress her breast. “You have me, Pete.” She whispered, against his lips  before pulling away, looking into his eyes, “You have me.”


Peter breathed, seeing the look of love on MJ’s face. MJ was usually so cool and made fun of him and his sappy quirks of affection but at this moment, she’d truly opened herself up to him. She was looking at him like he was her world and Peter smiled, because that’s how he felt when he looked at her.


MJ moved his hand from her shirt and planted a tender kiss to the back of it. “I’m yours, dork.” She said, smiling and rolling her eyes, “I can’t believe I just said that but it’s true. You don’t have to worry about Brad. I’m yours.”


Peter didn’t think there would ever come a day when Michelle Jones wouldn’t surprise him and send a wave of happiness through him. Her words erase any feelings of annoyance and jealousy at the thought of her working with Brad Davis because she was his. Strong, independent Michelle Jones just told him that she was his. 


Just like he was hers.


“I’m yours too, you know.” 


MJ smiled, “I know, that’s why I’m never jealous when all the girls secretly eye you in the gym.”


Peter’s blushed, “They don’t…. that’s not true….”


“Yes, they do, loser.” MJ said, rolling her eyes, “But that’s okay because you’re mine. And they know it too.”


Peter raised his eyebrows, about to ask what she meant by that but MJ softly pushed him away and stood up off the desk. She reached her arms around his neck again and brushed her lips against his, “How about I stay at your place tonight? May won’t mind?”


Peter smiled, widely, “What? No, May won’t mind. You live at my place every weekend, she’d love having you over tonight.”


“Good, because you need to sleep and I need you to keep me warm so….”


“Why don’t you just stay over every night?” Peter asked, interrupting her. It took him a moment before he realised what he actually said.


“Every night?” MJ asked, surprised, “Pete, I can’t move in with you.”


“Why not?” Peter asked, raising his eyebrows. He didn’t know where this was coming from but it seemed to make sense to him. MJ stayed with him and May every single weekend, without fail and her parents showed absolutely no interest in her life. He’d never thought about it before but he spent every weeknight at her apartment when it would be so much better for her to be at his. They wouldn’t have to confine themselves to her room and MJ would be surrounded by him and May, people who loved her like she deserved to be.


“We’re in high school, Peter.” MJ said, laughing, “I love you but…. we’re too young. And I wouldn’t ask May to let me live with you two, not while we’re still in school.”


“I get that.” Peter told her, “It’s just…. You should have people at your home who are there for you. Who are interested in everything you do, instead of just….” he trailed off, slowly, not knowing how to finish his sentence.


Michelle smiled, lovingly at her boyfriend. He was so sweet and kind-hearted and she knew someone like Peter could never understand people like her parents. 


Michelle’s whole life, they had fed her and clothed her but never truly showed any kind of love for her. As she grew up, she realised her parents had never really wanted her and only ever wanted Michelle to leave them alone. So Michelle did exactly that: she absorbed herself in literature and learned to care and love herself. She built up walls to protect herself, because knowing how terrible her parents are, she didn’t want to experience that with other people. 


Peter was the one who broke through those walls. With his unbelievably dorky and friendly personality, his selflessness and just the way he always tries to see the best in people. How he never wanted anything bad to happen to Flash, despite all the times he bullied him. How he loved to spend time with his Aunt and build legos with Ned, instead of trying to party and be popular like so many other boys his age. How he wanted to go to M.I.T to learn more and be able to design new ways to help improve the world, even though he puts his own life at risk every day, helping one person at a time.


There are so many reasons why MJ loves Peter, so many things that he’s done that made her let him past all the defences she put up. And here he was, right now, showing the way he cares about people, the way she cares about her, how he loves her. And she loves him for it. And she loves everyone else that she’s let in, since letting in Peter.


Ned was the brother she never had, her dorky little brother who she’d defend against anyone.


Betty was now a close friend who, like MJ, had ambitions and wanted to call out injustices and corruption in the world.


May had become like a mother to her, a real mother, who cared and listened to her. She encouraged her with everything she wanted to do and gave her so much advice that helped her see the world as she and Peter do. See that though the world can be crap (a purple psychopath literally erased them from existence for five years) there are a lot of good people in it.


Pepper and Morgan were two people she’d only just met and she considered them a part of her life. Morgan lit up every room she was in and Pepper was a lot like May, helpful and caring.


All these people came into her life because of Peter, who still didn’t understand how he made her life so much better and how her parents didn’t.


“Pete…” MJ began, quietly, “It’s okay, it doesn’t bother me, living with my parents who barely acknowledge that I’m there. I accepted it a long time ago.”




“And I love being at your apartment whenever I’m there.” MJ continues, “It feels like home, you feel like home. But I can’t stay at yours every night. I can’t ask May to take me in like that. And we’ve only got a year to go until we finish school and we go off to college. I can wait one more year.”

“Besides,” She smirks, cupping his cheek, “I don’t think there’s enough room at your place for me to store all my books. Not unless you got rid of all your Star Wars LEGO, which I think is a big no-no.”


Peter laughed, “I suppose I don’t have enough bookshelves for my girlfriend right now.”


“We’ll fix that when we get some shitty run-down apartment we can barely afford while we’re in college.”


“You’re right.” Peter said, grinning, “Because we won’t be able to fit either my LEGO or your books in a dorm room.” 


“Not a chance.” MJ whispered before a surprised expression came across her face and she suddenly went, “Huh.”


 “What?” Peter asked, curiously.


“We’re moving in together after school,” MJ stated, simply.


“Is that a problem?”


“That means we’re still going to be together when we finish school.”


Peter’s brows furrowed and his hand moved to cover hers on his cheek. Something in what MJ just said, made him feel uneasy. It brought up the idea that he and MJ wouldn’t be together when they finish high school, that they wouldn’t move on to college together. 


“You don’t think we’ll still be together when we finish school?” Peter asked, nervously. He knew that he and MJ are young but he knows that he loves her and the thought of ever not being with MJ is something he never wants to consider.


It would destroy him.


“No.” MJ said, deadpan and Peter felt for a second like he was being kicked in the guts before MJ continued, “I know we’ll still be together.”


Peter’s face split into a teasing grin but MJ spoke before he could say anything, “Don’t say a word, dork. I’ve said way too much sappy shit this morning, I need to watch a murder documentary A.S.A.P”


Peter shook his head, smiling at his girlfriend’s words. She was one of a kind.


“Wouldn’t want to become too soft, Jones?”


“Never,” MJ smirked, “you’re soft enough for the both of us.”


“You love me, though.”


MJ leaned in and kissed him, softly, “I do.” She said, before turning around and picking her bag up off the floor. “We have to go to class, dork. I’ll make sure to take down all the notes since you look like a light breeze would blow you over.”


Peter pretended to look offended, “I don’t look that bad.”


“Yes, you do,” MJ said, rolling her eyes. Peter was always nice to look at but today he looked less good. 


Just a little.


She slipped her hand into his and laced their fingers together, “Let’s go loser.”


Peter smiled, letting her pull him out of the classroom, joining their fellow students in the halls of Midtown High. They walked together, hands joined, towards their first class of the day, when they both heard a voice behind them.


“Peter! MJ!” 


Peter turned to see Ned walking towards them, with a frown on his face.


“I’ve been looking all over for you two.”


“Peter was fondling my boobs in an empty classroom,” MJ said, simply, as if she were talking about the weather.


Peter’s face went as red as his Spiderman suit and Ned’s mouth went wide, his jaw-dropping to the floor.


“MJ!” Peter gaped at his girlfriend.


“What the…. I…I….” Ned stuttered, awkwardly, “I really didn’t need to know that MJ!”


“Well, I felt like telling you,” MJ said, rolling her eyes in amusement at her boyfriend’s embarrassment and her friend’s awkwardness. 


Ned shook his head, he loved MJ, she was his best friend (along with Peter) but she was always able to take him off guard and make him fumble over his words.


“Have you checked your phones this morning,” Ned asked, eventually.


“No,” MJ said, bluntly but pulled her phone out of her pocket. Peter shook his head and told his friend, “I haven’t done anything other than coming to school this morning, bro. I only slept a few hours, I’m tired as hell.”


Ned grinned, excitedly, “You were out late again last night? What’d you do, break up a drug ring?”


“Keep your voice down!”


“Sorry!” Ned whispered, a guilty look coming across his face. MJ always teased that he and Peter are lucky that most of the students at Midtown are completely ignorant towards them because they sucked at keeping secrets. Ned more so than Peter.


“I haven’t got any missed calls from you,” Peter said, checking his phone. 


Ned shook his head, “No, I didn’t call you. You need to check the news.”


“Why?” Peter frowned, confused, “What happened?”


“Nothing we didn’t already know was gonna happen.” MJ answered, handing her own phone to Peter, “But it still sucks.”


Peter took her phone and looked at it. It was a CNN webpage and Peter immediately saw what they were talking about, the headline of their newest news story.




Peter gulped, closing his eyes and dropping MJ’s hand from his own.


He knew he would wake up one day soon or come home from a patrol and see something like this when he checked his phone or watched the news or entered Mr Delmar’s shop to get a milkshake and see it on the newspaper stand. But knowing that this was coming, expecting it to happen soon, doesn’t stop the wave of fear from washing over him. 


He began to read the article under the headline but his vision became blurred as the screen of the phone became too bright, his throat began to feel like it was constricting and he gasped for breath. Suddenly his ears began to ring and his head throbbed as he felt the familiar feeling of his senses kicking into overdrive, every step of every student in school felt like a gunshot going off right near his ear and his nose took in the scent of everyone and everything around him.


He dropped the phone in his hand, leaning back into the lockers on the side of the hall.


“Ah!” He cried out, in pain, closing his eyes and reaching up to cover his ears.


“Peter!” MJ exclaimed, “What’s wrong?” 


“It’s so loud!” 


MJ’s went wide with realisation and she turned to Ned, who looked at her, not knowing what to do.


“Ned, give me your headphones!”


Ned was confused but didn’t argue and pulled his backpack off and reached inside and pulled out his wireless beats headphones. MJ took them off him and turned to Peter.


“Peter, let me put these on!”


Peter groaned, not moving his hands from covering his ears. Everything was so loud….


He felt MJ’s soft hands on his, trying to pull them away. His ears felt like they were going to explode but eventually, he allowed her to move his hands and she slid Ned’s headphones over his head.


MJ grabbed him by his hoodie, turned him around so she was leaning against the lockers and held him to her, her arms around his neck as he buried his head in hers.


“Shhh….shhh…. it’s okay.” MJ whispered, quietly and soothingly,

“Just focus on me, okay. Focus on my heartbeat, focus on my breathing.” This wasn’t the first time this had happened.


One of the things about Peter’s enhanced senses that he got from the radioactive spider, was that he needed to adapt to them. When he first got bitten his eyes became so sensitive to light, that he needed to wear sunglasses to be able to focus and he had to learn to dial down his hearing because his senses were so acute, every small sound around him was overwhelming.


He’d gotten used to his senses being so good but sometimes they would flare up and have a sensory overload, it used to happen more often before he and MJ began dating, when he used to have panic attacks and bad dreams. It happened less often now that he was in a good place but sometimes whenever he was stressed or worried, his senses would remind him how good they were.

MJ ran a hand softly through his curls, glaring at students who were looking at them as they walked past, her expression silently asking them, ‘what the fuck are you looking at?’


“Just focus on me, okay.” MJ whispered, “Tune out everything else, just focus on my heartbeat. It’s okay, I’m here.”


Peter groaned, painfully, the headphones over his ears barely helping but he does as MJ says and forces himself to only focus on the sound of her breathing, focusing on her beating heart, only inches away. 


Trying to block out everything else, he counted the beats of MJ’s heart, which was beating faster than normal as she was holding him and comforting him throughout this overload of his enhanced senses. The sound of her soft breathing was quiet and soothing and began to overcome the ringing of people’s phones and banging of people’s feet hitting the ground around him. The lavender fragrance of MJ’s shampoo was now the only thing his sense of smell took in and he felt nourished by the soft feeling of MJ’s fingers running through his hair.


They stood there for minutes, MJ holding him to her, Ned standing next to them and giving a ‘mind your own business’ look to any fellow student who walked by them.


Peter eventually pulled back from MJ and slowly took the headphones off his head. He pinched the bridge of his nose and breathed heavily. “I hate it when that happens.” He sighed, exhausted, now from pain and not just lack of sleep.


“We’re not going to class.” MJ said, turning to Ned, “We’re gonna borrow your notes later loser. I’m taking him home.”


“No, I’m fine.” Peter argued, “It was just a reaction, we can go to class—” 


“You’re in no condition to be here at school, loser.” MJ rolled her eyes, “You’re tired, you’re worked up about this Ross thing and you just had a sensory overload. We’re going.”


Ned shook his head, looking between his two friends, “MJ’s right Peter, you look like shit. You need to sleep, bro.”


Peter groaned, he knew he wasn’t going to win this argument and he didn’t have the energy to insist any more. His head still felt tender, like his senses were going to flare up again at any moment.




MJ rolled her eyes, “Tell the teachers Peter’s sick,” She told Ned, “that I’m walking him home and I’ll get May to call them. I’ll call you later this afternoon.”


Ned nodded and looked at Peter, “Take those headphones with you, just in case you need them. Get some rest dude, seriously.” His words had a worry in them and Peter thought about how great his best friend is.


“I will, thanks, bro.”


Ned nodded, “Call me, later.” He reminded MJ and she nodded before he turned around and walked off towards his first class of the day.


MJ gives him a small smile before picking her phone up off the ground, “Let’s go loser.” She took his hand in hers again and interlaced their fingers. 


The feeling of her hand in his was comforting. His senses were still sensitive and his feeling of touch still heightened slightly, her hand feeling softer in his.


“Brad’s gonna think you stood him up.” He said as he walked out the doors of school hand in hand, towards the street.


MJ smirked, “I am standing him up.”




“He’ll get over it.” MJ shrugged, she didn’t really care if he didn’t.


“Of course he’ll get over it, he likes you,” Peter said, rolling his eyes but his earlier annoyance and jealousy was gone. MJ was there for him again, this morning, right now, making sure he was okay, even though she should really be in school.


But Peter knew, nothing he could say would make MJ leave him and go to class, even if he promised to go home and sleep. If the situation were reversed, he wouldn’t leave her either.


It gave Peter a warm, happy feeling, to know MJ loved him the way he loved her and she was showing it to him right now, being there with him, when he wasn’t feeling like himself.


“Too bad for him, I’m taken.” She said, smiling, as they stopped at the crosswalk. She leaned in and kissed his cheek, “I’m yours, dork.”


Peter’s face split into a smile again at her words. He’d never get tired of hearing that.


This week had been rough and he knew things were only going to get harder from here on in. A powerful man who hated Peter and anyone like him was running to become the most powerful authority in the world. People were going to be in a panic and Peter knew everything that he did right now as Spiderman was now going to be put under the microscope, everyone who blamed the blip on their failure, looking for a reason to say that Spiderman and the Avengers shouldn’t exist.


Peter didn’t know what was gonna happen and while he was comforted by MJ standing beside him and holding his hand, he would be lying to himself if he said he wasn’t scared of what the future was going to bring.