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A New Hero

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Chasing the Monitor through the streets of Metroburg was not how Henry saw his Tuesday night going. Things had been surprisingly quiet lately which should have been the first sign that something was sure to go wrong. Sophia was out of town and Charlotte and Jasper had the night off. Henry cursed fate as he tore after the Monitor on his bike. Mia followed along racing on the rooftops.

“She seems to be heading into the center square. Madame stay on her. I’m going to try and circle round behind!”

“Got it Detective! I’ll call in our coordinates to Oracle, you need to phone Doc and the Professor”.

“Ok, meet you at Johnson’s tower.” Turning his bike Henry raced off into the tunnel which should hopefully put him in front of the Monitor. Tapping his mike Henry called in his two best friends. “Char, Jasp! Come in!”

“Go for Char. What’s up Hen?”

“Hey guys. I’m so sorry to interupt date night but the Monitor has come out of hiding. Madame has eyes on her, but I’m trying to intercept her and her goons at Johnson tower. Is there any way you guys can meet us there?”

“Of course Hen! We are on our way.”

“And don’t worry about crashing the date Hen. You know we aren’t upset when it’s you” added Jasper.

“Right,” uttered Henry. “I’ve got to focus up, so I’ll see you guys in 5.”

“See you in 5. Let’s twist our rings and go J.” Henry smiled. Even during this, living in the insane town that was Metroburg, he knew that he could count on those two. The past three years had been crazy for the original members of Team Danger. Henry and Jasper decided to follow Charlotte to Dystopia for her service year. While there they met Mia who joined their team. Their vigilante work did not take long to capture the attention of the Hero League. When Char’s contract was up the 4 of them accepted positions with the League and relocated to Metroburg. President Kickbutt assigned 2 more members to Team Danger. Oracle, their tech genius Fred Benson and Scarlet, Sophia Nguyen, a super with portal powers.

Working with a larger team allowed Henry to see that it was actually ok to take days off. The Hero League encouraged healthy vigilante practices and highlighted how toxic his relationship with Ray had been. This discovery allowed Henry to leave behind his past as Kid Danger and grow into his new persona Detective Danger. The Hero League also provided a great therapist which helped the three original members work through their issues caused by Ray and Schwoz.

Shaking himself out of his thoughts Henry locked onto the Johnson tower. “Doc, Professor, Madame where are y’all?”

“Doc and I are coming in from Roe street” came Char’s voice through the comms.

“I have eyes on the target, incoming in 3” Mia called as she raced around the corner.

“Thanks Madame! Professor put a call into the cops.” Henry looked up to see the first of the Monitor’s thugs. ‘It’s go time’ thought Henry as he adjusted his bike and headed into the crowd of thugs. Throwing punches left and right Henry looked around for his back up. Hearing a roar behind him he knew that Char and Jasper had arrived and joined the fight. The three battled against the minions while they awaited the arrival of The Monitor and Amelia.

“Incoming Detective” ‘speak of the devil’ thought Henry. Looking up he saw Mia flipping in off of the roof and landing in front of the evening’s villain. The Monitor stood tall and threatening. Their black hair whipped through the wind; black cape fluttering behind them. “Ahh, Team Danger at last”.

“Monitor” spat Charlotte “How dare you show your face in Metroburg.”

“Professor Danger, how dreadful to see you!”

“Cut the small talk. You are going away for a long time Monitor”

“As much fun as that sounds. How about NO” She cackled. “How about instead I shoot you all with this!” Opening the doors on her van she revealed a large spiral ray.

“Uh… Are we supposed to know what that is?” responded Jasper.

“It’s obviously a time ray! Doctor Danger”

“Yeah, no… That’s not a time ray. We have battled plenty of ‘time’ villains and they all had portals. It has to do with the science or whatever”

“I AM THE MONITOR and I BUILT A TIME RAY!” she screeched.

“Ok sure, you built a ray, but that defeats the purpose silly” corrected Mia.

“What do you know about my purposes Madame Danger?”

“You are always ranting about how you are going to go to the past and bring back all the dictators to help you conquer the world. Which is a really stupid plan by the way since they will want to rule the world alone. They will probably kill or imprison you to consolidate their power… besides a time ray is only one way. If you are shot with it, you are stuck living in the past”. Turning to the rest of the team she argued “Fighting crazy villians like this would never happen if we had just moved to Hiddenville like I said”. She quickly shut up when Henry shot her a look.

“Don’t forget that you replace your younger self if you are sent to a time when you are alive. Dr. Time found that out the hard way” finished Charlotte.

“So obviously we are going to have to confiscate that ray, and by confiscate, I mean destroy” Henry cocked his gun, “Say goodbye to your device Monitor”

“Wait!” but he had already fired. The Monitor slammed the button on their ray “If it’s gone then you 4 are going with it!” The last thing the four heroes saw was a green flash as they fell.