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A New Hero

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Amelia was utterly exhausted by the time the crime fighting trio made it back to the Man Cave. She had clearly become too lax in her training schedule. The distinct lack of pressing threats in Hiddenville had lulled Mia into a false sense of peace. Amelia swore that when she got back home, she was definitely stepping up her work outs.

“Congrats on another victory boss!” cheered Schwoz.

“Thank you Schwoz. Let me know when KLVY news calls to set up my interview” directed Ray before heading to his room to shower.

“You two did great as well” congratulated Jasper pulling Henry into a tight hug.

“Thanks Jasp! I just wish that you and Char had been out in the field with us”.

“Hey, by the end of the school year you three will be in Hiddenville and we’ll be able to fight crime as a team again” consoled Mia.

“Well I’m starving and now that we’re no longer singing do you all want to grab some Yotally Togurt?” offered Charlotte.

Leaving her wig and Captain Man jacket in the van, Mia joined the others for some celebratory frozen yogurt.

*A New Hero - A New Hero - A New Hero*

Mia arrived back in Hiddenville Sunday afternoon after spending Saturday hanging with her team. Opening the door to her R.V. she was greeted by two happy fury blurs.

“Well hello lovelies” greeted Mia crouching down to pet the cats.

“Mrrp” purred Duchess and Thomas.

It was truly good to be home. Mia quickly unpacked her bags before settling in to do her homework.

*A New Hero - A New Hero - A New Hero*

Monday morning found Mia strolling back through the halls of Hiddenville High. Dropping her books in her locker, Mia set off to try and find Cherry and Kelsey. By the time she had located the bubbly blonde, Mia only had a minute to convince Cherry to find Kelsey and meet up with her during their study period before racing off to homeroom.

Amelia slid into what she had started to consider “her seat” next to Gideon as the bell rang. “Whew! Made it!” she cheered happily.

“Sup M. What’s got you all frazzled?” greeted Gideon.

“Hey Giddy. I just spent the last twenty minutes trying to track down Cherry”.

“Did you find her?”

“Yeah, she was with Pheobe, which in hindsight I really should have put that together. I was only able to get her to agree to meet up in the library during our study period before I had to dash in here”.

“Yeah, Phoebe and Cherry tend to be rather inseparable. If you’re looking for one or the other in the future, just listen for the lovely dulcet tones of the Thunder twins yelling at each other”.

“I’ll keep that in mind” laughed Amelia before turning her attention to Mr. Bell as he began to call role.

*A New Hero - A New Hero - A New Hero*

The rest of her morning flew by and before Mia knew it, the bell rang announcing the start of her free period. Waving goodbye to her desk partner, Luke, Mia ran out of the room towards the library.

Bursting into the library, Amelia found Cherry and Kelsey working at one of the nearby tables. Dropping her bags down next to them she grabbed a seat at the table. “Hey girlies! How was your weekend?”.

“Hey M! My weekend was great. Phoebe and I had a sleepover and went to the mall”

“That sounds like fun Cherry, what about you Kels?”

“My weekend was fine. I mostly did homework and drove my siblings to their soccer games. Are you feeling better? You were out on Friday”.

“Yeah, I wasn’t actually sick. I had to go to Swellview to help some friends of mine. I only just got back in last night”.

“Everything ok?”

“Oh yeah! It was just a little issue, but we handled it. It was nice to see my friends again, I’ve missed them ever since I moved here”.

“Well I’m glad to hear that you had a fun weekend M. So what did you want to talk to us about?” asked Cherry.

“I was talking to the boys last week and they seem to be under the impression that Max is the best prankster at this school”

“That is the general vote of the student body” agreed Kelsey.

“Well, I am a bit of a prankster myself, but the boys didn’t believe me”.

“Hah! Unfortunately that sounds just like them. We clearly aren’t going to let this stand though, what’s the plan?” demanded Cherry.

“I was hoping you would say that” smirked Amelia. Leaning in, she quietly shared her game plan with her new friends.

*A New Hero - A New Hero - A New Hero*

Raising her hand to get Mr. Frankinson’s attention, Amelia quickly excused herself to the bathroom. Rushing through the halls Mia noted that she had five minutes till the bell rang and the halls would be flooded with students ready to go home for the day, it was almost time to spring her trap!

Pushing her way into the girl’s bathroom in the math hallway, Mia found herself face to face with her partners in crime, Kelsey and Cherry. “Alright ladies! Are you ready to do this?” cheered Mia.

“Hell yeah! Let’s show those boy’s who’s boss” cackled Kelsey.

Having confirmed that the girls were still onboard with the plan, Mia pulled a screwdriver out of her bag and set to work unscrewing one of the bathroom grates. Reaching in she pulled out the large blue duffle bag that she had stashed in there before classes that morning. Unzipping it she pulled out the three pairs of roller skates and cans of silly string she snuck out of Junk and Stuff.

Passing each girl a pair of skates and two cans of silly string, Mia instructed “Once you guys lace up your skates we can head to our positions. Remember, as soon as the bell rings start spraying and enjoy the havoc”.

“I bet I can spray more students than you Cher” taunted Kelsey lacing up her skates.

“Oh you are on!” laughed Cherry making her way to the door.

Quickly screwing the grate back in place, Mia followed the girls out into the hallway and took her place near one of the classrooms. Checking her watch she counted down the seconds till the bell would ring. 10… 9…. 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… BRINGGGG!

The chatter of students filled the hallways as they exited their final classes of the day. Pressing play on her pear watch, Mia pushed off the wall and weaved through the student body spraying silly string and wreaking havoc to the beat of Kings & Queens by Ava Max.

Spotting the band by their lockers, Mia put on some speed as she bobbed and weaved her way over to them. She threw her head back laughing as she took in their suprised faces. She circled the trio coating them in purple silly string.

Oyster took the prank the best and snagged her arm pulling her into complicated spin. Mia rewarded him by tossing him one of the cans of green silly string from the holster on her hips. Shooting a silly smile at Max’s dumbstruck visage Mia skated through Oyster’s legs and then set off to continue causing chaos with her girls. The song changed to Reba’s “Going Out Like That” as Mia joined up with other two.

“What on earth is the meaning of all of this!?!” shouted Principal Bradford storming into the main hallway. “Thunderman you have a lot of explaining to do!”

“It wasn’t me this time Bradford” protested her friend.

“Well then who?” blustered the principal spinning to face the trio. Taking in her outfit Bradford glowered. “Amelia Jones” he growled.

Giving them the signal, Mia watched as her girls dumped out the baskets full of silly string they had stashed during their free period. As expected, the students dove to each grab a can before turning them on their teachers and friends.

Of course their prank could not last forever, as eventually all good things must come to an end. Bradford located the speakers Mia was using and disconnected her Girl Power playlist before demanding that Mia and her co-conspirators report immediately to his office. Standing there, covered in rainbow string with a grin wide enough to cover the world twice over, Mia could not bring herself to regret her decision even with the inevitable punishment to come.

Her smile grew even larger when her boys dropped into deep bows proclaiming that they were not worthy to stand in presence of their Pranking Queen. The memory of their dumbstruck and awe filled faces stayed with her all the way to Bradford’s office. What they didn’t know was that Amelia was just getting started.