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Sunset Before the Knight

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Arc looked up at his brother who’s eyes were purple. “He’s under Caleb’s spell!” Arc called out to his squad.

“You were always so observant,” Alex said smirking sarcastically.

“That hurt,” Arc said looking at his brother who went to charge them again ducking under a kick sweeping Ciara off her feet rolling to stand up and elbow Arc in the back. Prudie grabbed him from the back holding him as he kicked in the air.

“Alex, listen to me! You don’t want to fight us!” Arc said holding his brother’s face to get him to look at him. The purple faded from his eyes and Prudie dropped him Warwick was holding his stomach in the corner in pain.

“What happened?” Alex asked getting up holding his head.

“You attacked us, nothing too big,” Arc said shrugging.

“Who are you?” Alex asked looking at his brother.

“That’s not good,” Ciara said biting her lip.

Luke and Reggie had finally arrived at Astoria the King and Queen had paid them to see if their sons were there and they had taken along their new friend Julie they walked into a courtyard where kids with weapons tried to stab them.

“Wait! We’re not here to hurt you!” Luke said putting his hands up and Reggie and Julie followed.

“How can we believe you?” a girl with red streaks in her hair asked and two other girls with dirty blonde hair followed her one glaring the other trying to look mean but not really succeeding.

“We’re here to look for the lost princes, I used to be friends with Prince Alexander and we got word that they might be here,” Luke said and the students lowered their weapons and Phoenix squad came running in following a blonde boy who was screaming as they chased him.

“Stop him!” Arc yeled and Sage lifted her sword stopping Alex in his tracks. Luke and Reggie had to contain their excitement, they found him, both of them.

“Who are you people?” Alex asked sniffling scared.

“Alex just listen.” Alex shifted trying to get away from the point of the sword. “I’m your brother, Arc ok, we have two loving parents who have been looking for us,” Arc said and Alex nodded. Arc looked at Ciara asking her to give them some privacy. 

“Everyone out, go help fight Caleb and Ryker,” Ciara said and they all sighed wanting to hear the drama but leaving. Luke, Julie, Reggie, Prudie, Warwick, and Ciara watched how careful Arc was with Alex.

“We’re princes from a kingdom called Sunset, you hated being a prince, you wanted to perform and get away from all the royal duties. You never wanted to marry some dumb princess, you wanted someone who understood you not an arranged marriage. You were so brave that you convinced me to go to the pixie tribe and get a ring that could change how you look so you could sneak out of the castle. You got us there and always stayed optimistic, I need my brother back,” Arc said feeling tears roll down his cheeks.

“I wish I could remember but I can’t, I’m sorry,” Alex said, hugging Arc feeling a flash come over him.

“If you wear this, then Caleb will have full control over you unless an act of true love is performed, after that you need to remove this as fast as possible otherwise you will lose all of your memories and it will be stuck there forever,” Willie said holding up a necklace.

“Thank you Willie, you didn’t have to do any of this,” Alex said smiling at Willie who grabbed his hand.

“Please just stay safe ok, I don’t want you getting hurt in any of this. If something goes wrong and you lose your memory I’ll be there to help you as soon as possible. I’ll find you,” Willie said letting go of his hand going to walk away.

“Willie wait!” Alex called out and Willie looked back, Alex knew he couldn’t go through with it.

“Please don’t get hurt too, you’re too important to me,” Alex said and Willie smiled walking out of the room.

Alex felt air fill his lungs as he shook his head. “I need to find Willie,” Alex said running up some stairs.

The others looked after him waiting a second before running after him.

The plaza was a war zone people were being taken over by Ryker and Caleb and others fought back trying to defend their home. Willie backed up going to run away to find Alex. He ran down a path bumping into a body.

“I am so sorry,” Wilie said looking at the body below him. It was Alex. “Alex, you did it! You’re safe!” Willie yelled getting up and dragging Alex with him.

“Yeah, wait what did I do?” Alex asked and Willie’s eyes widened.

“You lost your memory,” Willie said grabbing the necklace.

“Yeah but for some reason I could remember you,” Alex said smiling at Willie feeling his heart beat frantically against his chest.

“I hoped you would, that means that my love was strong enough for the spell on the necklace to work,” Willie said pulling at the necklace which ripped off. Alex felt everything rush into his head at once, how he felt for Willie, his brother risking his life for him, Luke and Reggie. Everything was back to the way it should be.

“It worked,” Alex said throwing his arms around Wille’s shoulders as the other wrapped his arms around the taller’s waist. “I’m so happy I didn’t lose you,” Alex said leaning back and his face was suddenly really close to Willie’s, he felt his eyes flutter shut and lips press carefully against his as if they were asking if it was ok. Alex’s hands slid to Willie’s shoulders pressing back into the kiss, yeah it was perfectly fine that they were kissing. They pulled back after a few seconds. 

“I have to get back to the fight, but we are definitely doing that again when I get back,” Willie said turning around but going back to kiss Alex chastly one more time and running away. Alex felt himself frozen in place and jumped when a hand placed itself on his shoulder.

“Isn’t this just perfect my boy, you will most certainly make the best bait for the prince to turn over his kingdom and for Willie to rejoin me,” Caleb said smirking before poofing back off with Alex. 

Arc and Ciara got out from a bush looking at where Alex just was. “This is going to be a problem.”